Raising Finance


A complete online course, designed to take you step by step to learn how to attract eager and good to work with investors to either give you private finance or Joint Venture with you on property projects.

This allows you to buy property with none of your own money. I will take you through how to find, assess and benefit from working with private investors, to grow your personal portfolio, make six figure income sums and gain financial freedom through using Other People’s Money. 


Fast Track

Training Portal

All the tools and resources you need PLUS ‘how to’ videos explaining each step clearly. You can watch and study these wherever and whenever you want, taking you through the whole Finding Investors Workshop in easy-to-follow stages.


Getting Investors Right For YOU

How to get to the top investors eager to give you money to enable your property dreams and  plans to come true

Simple Systems Processes

Use all my systems proven tried and tested

Become Unstoppable!

Never allow lack of finance to stop you again when you see how simple and easy it is to raise finance. How many property deals would you buy if money was no issue?

Getting to YES

Straightforward process win in both sides to make money

How to start

Fast Track your property launch with easy to implement to get started and change your life through investing in property – it worked for me, it can work for you!

Motivational Plan Keep You On Track

You got this! Easy to implement step by step plan to get you to your goal!

Only Work With Top Investors

System to vet investors, only work with the best to have a great private finance team.

Finding Investors

I’ll show you the process on how to find cash investors eager to work with you, who are a great match


How to prove credibility even as a new investor

Plus you’ll also get access to these great resources:

Join the Raising Private Finance Workshop now and receive these superb bonuses:

Done-For-You Template Bundle:
Ready-to-Use Pre-Designed Templates including:

Investor Management

101 Process

You don’t need any raising finance experience to deliver a highly profitable professional fundraising campaign. I’ll show you easy (and low-tech) shortcuts to manage the investor relationship you’ll love to work with, making money for you both.


Articles on How to Start

If you are not starting out with a large sum of money with which to invest what can you do? These articles detail your way forward for you.



‘Raising Finance’


So you can listen to it while you travel, commute, run or go to the gym, or enjoy on a long walk or drive!


What can you


It is helpful to benchmark what you can achieve with others who have worked with this online Raising Private Finance Workshop knowledge!

£95k Comfortable

From….‘You’ll never get me to borrow private finance!’ to so far raised £95k, and counting…

Tyna Collins


Private Finance Raised in 4 Days

Jonathan Guppy

£100k in 1 hour

Using all the techniques and systems in this workshop

Susannah Cole

Raised Over £1m

Using Documentation included in this Workshop

Craig Upkins

£134k Profit

Profit Split 50/50

One Flip Joint Venture Deal

Simon Yeun

£40k Profit 

Personal Profit, using none of my own Money. 

Southville Flats, JV Flip

Susannah Cole 

How would you use

Cash you Generate

from Property?

Use it to buy more property for Buy to Let,
for passive income, (my preferred spend)?

To give yourself or your family a treat?
Fancy car or holiday, anyone?!

To pay off your home mortgage?

Leave your J.O.B. (just over broke) and live
on the significant profit you can make?

What do folks have to say about our training?

In the five years before joining the TGPC mentoring course, I bought one property. In the year that I have been in the course, I have offered on five and bought one, while still running a full time employment.

Courtney Lawrence


Since joining Property Entrepreneur Mentoring Group I’ve gained a large amount of knowledge, met other great people and I’ve been able to increase my own portfolio by £250,000, while raising another £250,000 for other projects.

Highly recommended.

Rohit Santa


"My experience with this company was amazing from start to finish, Susanna herself was inspirational and full of energy !!

Authur was very knowledgable and gave some great advise on how to find BMV deals, he gave me a Detailed account of his own experience in sourcing deals which gave me a lot of confidence.

I can’t wait to return to learn more !!!

Daniel James Dennis
From :"

Daniel James Dennis


"I have seen Susannah present at a number of property networking events over the last couple of years. She has a very engaging personality and clearly has a thorough knowledge of marketing. Her joint venture work clearly produces results and consequently if you get the chance to see her speak, grab the opportunity."

Bernie Wales


"Thanks to Susannah Cole for 'persuading' me that this was a good idea.
** This is the one that smashed the street price by £60k **
Anyone in the Lancashire Area next Wednesday?! If you want to come along, message me and I'll give you the address details.

And sorry for short notice, but sale completes a week today "

Ann-Marie Littler


"Outstanding and very valuable content from the training. Susannah and the team created a relaxed and very focused training environment. I can't recommend this training highly enough

Chris Irving


"I joined TGPC’s mentoring program in February and have found it invaluable. Not only is the content excellent and informative but Susie’s enthusiasm and energy is infectious and her success inspiring. Her continued encouragement to dig deeper and push deals further has had a particularly big impact on me.

The last but possibly most valuable part of the program are the other mentees. The calibre of people in the class is high, each with their own expertise and skill set. Being able to draw on their knowledge and support is incredibly useful. Susie and the mentees make for such a strong and rich network to have at your fingertips. Obviously it’s great to call them friends too!"

Sara Nasralla


“Susie Cole has taught me so much about property investing and developing. I chose The Good Property Company Mentorship Programme after scouting around - I was impressed with Susie's knowledge and felt her style of teaching would suit my style of learning - it did! The content was perfect for me as a beginner and as I grew in knowledge and confidence the content seemed to develop too - quite clever really! This is a "warts n all" learning experience - no rose tinted specs. If it can happen either good or bad it pretty much has happened to Susie and she shares this candidly, steering us away making the same mistakes and guiding us to faster positive outcomes. I've also made lots of property chums in the group who bring so much to the party. They come from all walks of life and backgrounds and are attracted/selected for the group as they are high calibre quality individuals - "birds of a feather" is so true. Whilst I've completed the programme now - we are all still in touch and support each other through the group forums, and I'm welcome back anytime to drop in for a weekend to catch up with Susie and the group. Everyone's journey, motivations and end goals are so vastly different, but we all work nicely together. What I enjoyed was the authentic learning experience – there was no selling, no pushing (unless you ask for it!) and no time-wasting, just good, genuine like-minded people who are up for sharing the ups and downs of their property journey and passion for self-development.”

Gill Calaery


I joined Susannah Cole’s TGPC Property Entrepreneur’s programme in June 2016 and cannot rate it highly enough. The well structured course is delivered over a series of monthly weekend seminars allowing you to deep dive into all the subject matter without being rushed on to the next topic. Information is shared via easy to understand presentations and discussions with no get rich gimmicks or up selling to other courses or add on services.

One of the biggest benefits is the group of motivated and inspiring trainees. They bring a vast range of experience, knowledge, background and strategies but everyone is supportive and keen to share information and help each other. The regular meetings and conference calls mean that I have made some great contacts and friends that will be part of my property network for many years to come.

Andy Normans


Since coming on the mentoring course I have had the confidence to buy my first deal, a two bed semi detached house for £278,250 and turned it in two months for £360,000, with a refurbishment cost of £20k. I have now purchased my next project for £272,500.

Amanda & Pete Walters


"Susannah is a great coach and mentor, and generous with information and time. She is full of energy and enthusiasm and is a superb purveyor of information and she has time for everyone - lots of it."

Stewart Lait


"Susannah is a great mentor and motivator. Highly recommeneded!"

Dorothy Atkins



Apologies for it being so slow, please find below some headline figures with message as requested.

Working with Susannah and her team has been an extraordinary experience. She makes it easy to apply our learning, breaking up a goal into little tasks, so that we can focus our minds. Her light hearted but reassuring workshops also ''gently'' pushes you out of your comfort zone, helping you realize what tasks are necessary to achieve your goals. The friends I have made on the journey has also been a big part of programme, it was great to bounce ideas off each other and share experiences.

While under her wing I was able to complete my most recent project in Bristol. With Susannah's guidance, I was able to achieve maximum profit from my project.

My latest project figures:

Purchase price: £203,000
Refurb: £32,000
Valuation: £275,000
Profit: £35,000 - ''Chaching'' !
Time frame: 6 months from offer accepted!

Property is immensely satisfying when you get it right, not to mention bringing you a step financially forward in life!

Emily Choo


Hi there, My name’s Harry Jackson. I’m 21 and just started sourcing property deals to Investors having sold my first deal last week. This is just an appreciate email because you guys put out the best, most honest, practical content on the internet about property.If whoever reads this email can just let Susannah Cole know that’s she’s truly inspiring and I appreciate all the advice she has given to people. Thanks again and I hope you have a great day!

Harry Jackson


Thanks so much Susannah, really enjoying your flipping course.

Sofi Bichanga