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A guide for the paperwork you need to Joint Venture even if you don’t have enough to start (Pretty much everyone). 

Joint Ventures: Make 50% Profit from Flipping

Raise Cash: Buy Property using not a penny of your own money

What is Joint Venture Contract & Cash Loan Contract Paperwork Bundle?

A downloadable easy to follow bundle giving you the exact JV contract, Loan Contract and Investor Marketing Brochure we used, so you know see what paperwork worked, plus a ton of bonuses to help you out. The Raising Cash Paperwork bundle shares the exact Joint Venture contract (which cost us 4 figures from our lawyers!), Private Loan Agreement, Investor Marketing Brochure that we used to safeguard JVs, borrow private finance and attract cash rich investors.

Free bonuses include easy swipe files; property report templates, portfolio calculator and the property analysis template you can use with your investors and simple checklists on how to source discounted deals and how to analyse your property portfolio.

This Joint Venture Contract & Cash Loan Contract Paperwork Bundle is for you if you want to understand what a Joint Venture or Private Loan Contract looks like, how to set out a marketing brochure, and benefit from simple deal analysis and sourcing systems to make money in property even if you are starting out with very little (I didn’t have a lot when starting out)

Whether you are brand new to property or established and ready to grow, the Joint Venture Contract & Cash Loan Contract Paperwork Bundle is designed to give you the exact paperwork and systems we used to earn high JV Profits, using none of our own money, buy property with private finance and attract cash rich investors.

I am a complete beginner and new to property. Coming from a place of no knowledge these bundles are SO helpful. They are packed full of information which is really easy to access and follow.

Rose Hogarth


How does the Joint Venture Contract & Cash Loan Contract Paperwork Bundle work?

Your Property Investing trainings are released immediately upon enrolment, with easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates, swipe files, resource lists, and downloadable learn-on-the-move podcasts. All of the training is online inside your own private Bundle Member library.

Where does the programme take place?
Everything is Online: No Travel Required

The entire paperwork bundle is based online so you can participate and download it from home or work. All course materials are easily accessed within our online portal for you, through laptop, mobile or tablet.

Work at your own pace
You can go through the materials immediately upon release, or slow things down and work at your own pace.

Yours for Life
Plus, you have the bundle for life. You can revisit the Joint Venture Contract & Cash Loan Contract Paperwork Bundle for free as often as you like, as long as the programme exists.

Is the Joint Venture Contract & Cash Loan Contract Paperwork Bundle Right for Me?

If you know you want to get into property but don’t have a large pot to start with, working with investors is a great way to solve that problem. If you want to see (and copy) how we protected our Joint Venture deals from rip-off, attracted cash rich investors, contracted private loans, calculated deals, and produced great deal reports for our investors, this is the bundle for you

Our ideal Bundle members fall into one of these three categories.


Action orientated ambitious beginners

Is your dream to own a property portfolio, earn six figure cash income and reach financial freedom, ditching the day job? But lack of money, knowledge or confidence is getting in the way? Whether you are starting out while still in a job, focussing part time in property, or going all in and devoting your all, having the right paperwork in place when you work with investors will make sure you get launched the right way.


Established Small Portfolio Property Investors

Attention Buy to Let property owners! Cash flow still tight? If you are ready to deepen your property expertise, deliver highly profitable Joint Ventures and exponentially increase your revenue, protecting those JVs with the right contract will help you to find the money for those income growing deals – even if you are not yet full time.


Successful property investors who want to grow their revenue and portfolio

Already running a (mostly) successful business? Ready to take things to the next level? Running a side hustle as a Joint Venture professional will bridge the gap. This paperwork bundle will check you got your basics right and  give you professional templates to duplicate to attract cash rich investors, and protect your deals, so you can accelerate the growth of your business, revenue and ultimately net worth.

They did it… So can you
Here are some of our outstanding success stories.

£100k Profit
1 Planning JV. No personal money in!

Chris Jones

Raised £56k
To buy highly profitable HMO

Chris Ma

Fundraising Target £1m
£1.1m of pledged Funds via direct loans and JVs

James Merchant 

Raised £600k
Investor Finance in 6 Weeks 

Jason Vokes

Raised £140k
Peter Mare

£134k Profit
1 Joint Venture

Simon Yuen

What do folks say about our
Property Investor Training?

It's brilliant. You will not get a better, or more realistic, property education anywhere else.

Dean Jordan


This lady knows her stuff and for me is completely a gem and I'm glad I found her wealth of knowledge

Lee J


I am a complete beginner and new to property. Coming from a place of no knowledge these bundles are SO helpful. They are packed full of information which is really easy to access and follow.

Rose Hogarth


I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for Susannah Cole

Josh Knecht


I was reflecting today on how much you get for the price point. I was pleasantly surprised for sure, especially after seeing prices of some other people.

Kirsty Bartholomew


What Susannah has done is give me good confidence and knowledge in multiple variations of investing - and made me look at my personal network.

Jason Duncan


Who shares the Joint Venture Contract & Cash Loan Contract Paperwork Bundle?

Hi, I’m Susannah Cole. I’d love to share with you my most successful property investing strategies, systems and other insider tips.

I’m here to help you reach your potential as a property investor.

I’ve been investing in property since 2009, beginning with sourcing over 200 properties at an agreed purchase price of £30 million and an end value of £45 million in less than 5 years.

I’ve also run a successful flipping strategy, raised £££millions in private finance (all paid back now!) and own a multi million pound property portfolio.

I started out by raising £600k in less than 14 weeks, which sky rocketed me to owning my own property portfolio and being able to leave my day job.

I’ve experienced it: property is one of the best ways to hit a six figure income and financial freedom, ensuring security for your family. My property business has enabled me to work part time, travel the world, own a beach apartment in Barcelona and have financial security for the rest of my life. 

Through the course of creating, launching and building my property business, I’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t, how to grow a property portfolio, which successes can and can’t be replicated. I’ve helped thousands of new and experienced property investors get up and running with their own property business through my online education.

Time for you to become the next success

Watch our videos

When does the Joint Venture Contract & Cash Loan Contract Paperwork Bundle start?

Right now!

Enrol now to immediately download the contracts we used to work with investors to do Joint Ventures and Raise Private Cash. Benefit from the Private Investor Marketing Brochure by making it your own, and use the simple systems shared in the property deal reports, the property deal calculator and Analysis system and grow your knowledge with the sourcing deals and property analysis checklists. The goal is for you to make money in property, using none of your own.

You’ll learn the paperwork you need to secure JVs and private loans, attract cash rich investors, follow the step-by-step systems and make it happen! With online videos, downloadable, swipe files, templates and professional systems, you will find working with investors a breeze with this online bundle!

You have full lifetime access to the entire course the moment you enrol.

This is your time

What is the investment?

The investment for the Raising Money Paperwork Bundle is £89.

The total value of the bundle is £2,116

Enjoy saving £2,027

Please enroll me on the course, to give me full and instant access to the following:

Huge Free Bonus Bundle, you save £2,027

You get a comprehensive library of 2 great property checklists, the actual JV contract we used, (which cost us £££ thousands) as well as the exact loan document we used,  the exact investor brochure that attracted  cash rich investors that you can use as a template, as well as the exact deal reports, property deal calculator and property analysis system. The goal is for you to grow a property business for a six figure income and financial freedom.

Cash Loan Agreement 

Worth £500


Investor Marketing Brochure

Worth £29


Joint Venture Agreement

Worth £1,500


Property Deal Report Templates

Worth £29


Property Checklists

✔ How to Source discounted Deals 
✔ How to Analyse your Property Portfolio



Property Deal Calculator

Worth £49


Property Analysis Template 

Worth £29


Your investment:
Total value

Avoid overwhelm and paralysis analysis

Getting your property business up and running requires making sure you have enough cash, a vision of what is possible and the knowledge on how to execute consistently on the right strategies.

Without systems or contracts that process can be overwhelming.

The Joint Venture Contract & Cash Loan Contract Paperwork Bundle can fast track your growth and save you years of expensive trial and error. We’ve already helped thousands of property entrepreneurs (and counting) and I would love to help you too with my learn at your own pace property training