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Property Investing 2.0Susannah discusses Deal Packaging, how to build a scalable Property portfolio, the importance of measuring results and much more on this knowledge packed podcast with Raj Chengadu.
Bayonne Talks PodcastEpisode 13: Navigating Through the Clutter and Noise in the UK Residential Investment SpaceSusannah expresses her thoughts on the importance of investing in systems and what she believes investors should be doing post COVID-19.
Mentee SuccessPeter Mare Investor and Partner of Keys to DoorsPeter Mare features on The Entrepreneur Way to discuss his property journey and how Susannah as his property mentor helped inspire him and give him direction.
South Wales Property MeetSusannah talks at the South Wales Property Meet about Flipping Property
Proxerty PodcastThe Science and Mathematics of Becoming a World Class Property Investor in 2020Susannah provides advice on everything from: how to get the money, to how to find the discounted deal, to how to manage a growing portfolio!
Property Investment AdviceUK Property Investing TipsSusannah provides her property investment advice amid Covid-19. She discusses her predictions for the year ahead, the importance of staging a property in a slower market and how to best use your time during lock down.
The Property NomadsExpertcast 2 – Flipping with Susannah ColeSusannah is in conversation with Rob discussing Flipping Property – the best ways to do it and the different approaches you can take!
Property People Youtube ChannelYoutube Interview with Saam Lowni"It is hard work, it does take graft, but it's all for the love of property. Are you in?" - Susannah discusses her passion and straight shooting outlook on what it takes to be sucessful in property.
Build In Progress PodcastSusannah is the First Ever Female to feature on the Podcast in this weeks episodeSusannah and Simon talk about common mistakes people make in property and Susannah gives her top tips to those interested in becoming financially free through Property.
Deal Packaging, Homes of Multiple Occupancy and Raising Cash in the UKRental Property Owner and Real Estate Investor PodcastSusannah and Brian discuss the differences and similarities between investing in the United States and the UK.
Property Jam Episode 35Living the Good Property Life with Susannah ColeSusannah talks all about the human side of property in this "jam-packed" episode. She discusses some great fashion tips, the guilty pleasure of luxury flying and recommends some fab wallpaper.
Filmed review and Interview of Susannah’s Live Property WorkshopFilmed at one of the Live workshops Susannah discusses the state of the property market, buying and selling and how she tries not to get too “emotional” when looking at houses.
Be Glad MovementSusannah Cole - how property took me from making ends meet to full financial freedomSusannah talks about what kickstarted her to start in property and why. She talks through how she set up her Property business and how she kept herself on track through the ups and downs.
How To Build A Million Pound Property PortfolioYoutube Interview with Beth BSusannah gives her property advice after over a decade in property and covers the different types of property strategies and how to raise finance.
In conversation with Ranjan Bhattacharya3 Tips For My Younger Self On How To Get Started In Property - With Susannah ColeThe 3 tips Susannah would give to her younger self on how to get started in property.
Baker Street Property Meet#175 - In Conversation with Susannah ColeSusannah speaks about the new office, good food, cake oh and the mentoring programme!
Baker Street Property Meet#169 - My Residential Property Journey - Susannah ColeA recording of Susannah’s talk at the Baker Street Property Meet. Full of advice and tips for investors at all stages of their property journey.
More Money More Deals PodcastSusannah Cole – My Favourite HMO Deal in BristolSusannah talks about her favourite HMO Deal In Bristol
Slow Money Club ProdcastThe importance of understanding your own learning styleListen to how Susannah approached her property career – years of researching and formulating business plans…
Tej TalksSusannah Cole talks HMOs, Mentoring and £45m of Property Transactions in 8 yearsSusannah discusses HMOs, Property Mentoring and what she has learnt from her property journey.
The Property Podcast76: Flipping PropertyWhy to flip a property and how to do It to make sure you avoid the risks and secure a good profit.
The Property Geek23: REFURBS AND BUYING TO SELLLearn about the fundamentals of buying to sell – how to boost your chances of selling a property quickly, how to manage your relationships and the 3 Ps of success….
Inside Property Investors287: The three stages of a successful property careerSusannah explains the Three stage process for successful property investment, why deal packaging is a great route into the world of property and how she deals with things when they go wrong.
Inside Property Investors100: Sharing all things property fundraising based on experience of almost 200 dealsAll things property fundraising - based on Susannah’s experience of over 200 deals. – a nice discussion on Joint Ventures.
Inside Property Investors006: Susannah Cole – The Good Property CompanySusannah speaks about her plans for the future, her biggest success, her biggest difficulty and her favourite book.
The J2 HubThe Pocket Rocket - Susannah Cole from The Good Property CompanySusannah offers up some golden nuggets of information and advice in this must watch interview.
Transform your Wealth and HealthHow to build a £45m property deal company from ZeroLearn how Susannah sourced £45million worth of property for just £30million and what she did before she started her Property Journey.
The Entrepreneurs WayFrom Kitchen Table Start up to Property Financial FreedomTune in to hear how Susannah Cole founder and owner of The Good Property Company started in property and her key pieces of advice to other entrepreneurs...
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Flipping Property Strategy, Landlord Magazine
7 Stages of Flipping Property, Landlord Investor Magazine
Appealing to your customer when Flipping Property, Landlord Investor Magazine
Marketplace Analysis for a Flipping Strategy, Property Investor News Magazine
Flipping Property Marketing Mix, Property Investor News Magazine
Profit Making Flipping Strategy Tips, Property Investor News Magazine
Joint Venture Project Tips, Property Investor Magazine
Property Slip ups, how you can avoid them and how you can profit from the ones you make, Your Property Network Magazine
Adapting to a changing market, Your Property Network
Profitable Property Case Studies, Your Property Network

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I’m sharing everything I learnt on my journey to sourcing over £45 million of investment properties for an agreed purchase price of £30 million

I’m learning a lot and so will you

I’m sharing everything I learnt on my journey to sourcing over £45 million of investment properties for an agreed purchase price of £30 million

I’m learning a lot and so will you

I’m sharing everything I learnt on my journey to sourcing over £45 million of investment properties for an agreed purchase price of £30 million

I’m learning a lot and so will you

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I’m sharing everything I learnt on my journey to sourcing over £45 million of investment properties for an agreed purchase price of £30 million

I’m learning a lot and so will you