Property Development Masterclass





Property Development


A complete course, stacked with tools and resources you need to professionally become a property developer. You’ll learn how to find brilliant builders, how to’s to cost up projects, and have the critical (and rarely taught) knowledge at your fingertips to ensure site safety. I’ll show you how to set up renovation contracts so you never risk being ripped off by unscrupulous trades. Property development makes serious money. Make sure you are doing it right. 


Fast Track

Training Portal

All the tools and resources you need PLUS ‘how to’ videos explaining each step clearly. You can watch and study these wherever and whenever you want, taking you through the whole Property Development Masterclass in easy-to-follow stages.


Professional Multi Millionaire Property Analysis

Key calculations you need to know that the millionaires use, to make money in property!

Multi millionaire Property Development Strategies

What is possible in property development, Buy Refurb Refinance Rent Out (BRRR), houses to flats, planning gain, overview for you to simply chose your best fit and most profitable strategy

Real Life Site Visit in Action

Newer property people may have never been on a site visit. First hand live knowledge on what to look out for to ensure you are protected while you make money

Planning Gain 101

Serious money to be made where after you understand the process. Step by step covering what to watch out for as a newbie

Planning Gain Without Spending a Penny

Chris Jones on how to earn over £100k without a penny of your own money nor putting a spade into the ground!

Site Safety and Paperwork (CDM)

Rarely given the focus you need to keep you legally protected and your A lister builder team safe on site, we cover CDM with £6k of documents I give to you for free. Templates, appointment letters, easy to follow processes explained in simple easy to follow steps to keep you on right side of law and ensuring you run a well managed site.

Refurb Plan Made Easy

Templates, easy to follow systems to get right costs quotes and project delivered on time and on budget for you to make money in property

How to Employ Builders

Day rate v trades, costs, contracts all wrapped up for you in one easy segment making managing builders a breeze

How to Recruit Your Builder

Ensure you have back ups, all fully qualified checked and insured to ensure you are working with the best to get more profit and never get ripped off

Plus you’ll also get access to these great resources:
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Done-For-You Template Bundle:
Ready-to-Use Pre-Designed Templates including:

Pro Builder


You’ll get easy-to-follow techniques to help identify your brilliant builder and attract highly qualified trades property for your property development projects!


Property Development


You don’t need any property development experience to ensure your builder puts in place a competent step by step Health and Safety file, keeping all trades safe. I’ll show you the easy shortcuts with this template to ensure safety on site. 





You’ll get easy-to-follow templates to ensure you are compliant with the important safety requirements of a building site. Rarely taught by others, one of the many details that set our online high quality property development online masterclass!


How much can you make with 

Property Development? 

It is helpful to benchmark what you can achieve with others who have worked with this online Property Development knowledge


Profit without investing a Penny! JV Planning Gain

Chris Jones


Profit from One Flip!

Anne Marie Littler


Commercial to Residential 

Anthony Davies


Equity Profit and £1k per month profit.

Ash Allen


Gross Profit: Ellsworth Road

Purchase Price £103k,
renovation £15k
sold first weekend £150k


Gross Profit: Gatton Road

Purchase price £220k,
renovation £32,405,
Sold £312,101

How would you use

Cash you Generate

from Property Development?

Use it to buy more property for Buy to Let,
for passive income, (my preferred spend)?

To give yourself or your family a treat?
Fancy car or holiday, anyone?!

To pay off your home mortgage?

Leave your J.O.B. (just over broke) and live
on the significant profit you can make?

What do folks have to say about our training?

"Excellent support and guidance for anyone thinking about pursuing property either as an investment or as a business. Susannah is very successful, approachable & down to earth. Highly Recommended!"

Armando Coletta


I have purchased a number of your training materials, including the Deal Packaging Bundle. The information you provide is second to none by a mile.

Paul Lillie


Would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about property inside and out. Susannah has so much to give and the knowledge she has is priceless

Craig Darlinson


‘I have attended as event crew on a few occasions although at first I was feeling nervous after all I didn’t know anyone there, but I didn’t need to worry as I was made to feel really welcome by Susannah and her team, this made me feel quite comfortable in the event.
The passion throughout the day was evident and the openness of Susannah and her team made them very approachable.
During the event although I had tasks to do I was not left alone, other support crew ensured I was ok. I was amazed how well all of the event crew were treated throughout.
When it was finished I was quite sad it was over.’

Simon Nicholas


The content is amazing in the courses. I have the deal packaging, flipping and beginners guide. There is so much content to go through so I'm just taking my time to make sure I get it right.

John Hope


This lady knows her stuff and for me is completely a gem and I'm glad I found her wealth of knowledge

Lee J


Excited to get watching the flipping bundle - the deal packaging course was really good so I have high hopes!!

Kirsty Bartholomew


One thing with Susannah’s materials and mentoring is she’s incredibly detailed with her systems and KPI’s... which is awesome. It let’s you run this thing like a business and identify any holes that may be happening in your processes. This will help you be as effective as possible in the short and long term. Embrace the process, focus your mind on enjoying learning and go and smash it... this stuff works! - Matt Sherriff

Matt Sherriff


Hi Susannah, wanted to reach out and say a big thank you for your online masterclasses through TGPC. Its nice to hear from another Scot who's down south! From your content I have sourced £56k private investor money through two close friends by just asking and having the knowledge. Buying 3 Auctions properties and will hopefully be able to reuse their funds three times over the next year before I need to pay back! Cheers Euen.

Euen Donaldson


Just signed up - wow! A huge treasure trove of downloads, thank you!

Sudeep De


"The first of many visits here, certainly for the next year.

We attended a taster weekend in Bristol about buy to sell, coming away thoroughly impressed with Susannah, all staff, peers and of course the actual course content. Delivered with levels of energy and enthusiasm that are contagious and inspiring in equal measures, the whole experience further cemented our decision to promptly return to Leicester and join the one year face-to-face mentoring course.

For us TGPC is the 'right fit' for who we are, where we are and where we want to go in terms of business development.

The small, select group was warm, open and down right fun, making a weekend of work seem like nothing more than a weekend with new and very likeminded friends.

Learnt a lot and consumed cake a lot, both of which we highly doing with TGPC."

Darren Cadby-Lynch


"Had fun, learnt a lot and looking forward to implement what I learnt!"

Mithu Surendra


Great content and delivered in a very effective way.

Brian Croucher


"Susannah is a true professional. She is passionate about her job and loves helping others achieve their true potential."

Alex Caravello


"Great one day course and good networking opportunities"

Chris Billingham