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The lessons I learnt to…

Gain financial freedom

Build a multi million pound property portfolio

Live life on your terms


Packed with tips, knowledge, systems and know how, a MUST HAVE for all property investors.

If you feel you have…

Lack of knowledge

Can’t find deals

Don’t know where to start

Wondering if you are making the right choices or…

Don’t have the systems in place

Susannah was superb, what a great course, and what a lovely person she is, not to mention the Team. Absolutely recommended.

Alan Mackenzie-Wintle


Had a great night at my first PPN in Knightsbridge last night. There was some fantastic advice on offer about deal packaging from Susannah Cole.

Harry Martin


9 ‘How to’ chapters

4 BONUS sections

Important Property Investor

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Need to know how to do property investing or property development? We’ve got you covered!

If you need FREE detailed knowledge on any of these areas of property investing, you need to download the Free 1010 Property Lessons Pack now. download the Free 1010 Property Lessons Pack now.

FREE: 9 Sections:

‘How to’ property investing Simple easy to follow tips, to keep you motivate, with a clear easy to follow guide to each important aspect of being a property investor download the Free 1010 Property Lessons Pack now.

Section One: You Can Do It:

Property Business Start Up. This section gives you a super simple approach to organise and set up your property business – means you can break down property investing start up into manageable bite-sized chunks

Section Two: Deal Sourcing:

Make Your Money When You Buy. Simple ways to find deals, identify new opportunities, making you money when you buy

Section Three: Raising Private Finance:

Bring Money Resource into your Property Business. You’ll get easy-to-follow techniques to help identify your target audience and attract highly qualified prospects for your online course!

Section Four: Joint Ventures:

I’ll give you easy to follow tips on how to structure and manage your Joint Venture property deals.

Section Five: Networking:

Short and Sweet, but Critical to Your Success. Your network is your net worth and I’ll show you how to find the people you need in property to help you succeed.

Section Six: Buy to Sell:

How to Make Serious Lumps of Cash. No more procrastination! Here’s a proven action plan that lets you make serious cash profit in property: flipping property deals.

Section Seven: Buy to Let:

Planning successfully for Wealth, this is Financial Freedom. One of the easiest way to make your life free, is to own assets that pay bills.

Section Eight: Lettings:

Long Term Wealth Generation. I’ll share great property tips and property investing knowledge with you in this section.

Section Nine: Property Renovation:

I’ll share tips on how to find and manage your builder and how to run a property renovation for profit.

FREE: 3 Bonus Sections:

What free bonus sections in an already super free download? Yup. I’ll give you even more critical tips for your property success.

Bonus Section: Property Investor Resources:

Property investing hacks for you, all in one place.

Bonus Section: Business Management:

Easy to follow tips on how to professionalise your property business, to allow you to make a lot more money.

Bonus Section: YouTube, Podcasts & Press Articles:

Yes, it gets even better! More Free knowledge tips and how to articles for you.