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Joint Ventures Part 1 & Part 2


Earn cash profits without spending a penny of your own money

Start today and you can benefit from earning 50% of the property flip profit without loans, debt or mortgages!

This online access all hours course shows you successfully find investors, run Joint Ventures and benefit from the property profit without using any of your own money. 

With £261 of FREE Bonuses!


Fast Track

Training Portal

all the tools and resources you need PLUS ‘how to’ videos explaining each step clearly. You can watch and study these wherever and whenever you want, taking you through the whole Joint Venture Masterclass in easy-to-follow stages.


Buy one get second free!

our masterclasses are usually filmed over 2 days of professional property teaching. This one is two classes in one, you get double the content detail and support. Huge value!

Raising Finance Joint Ventures 101

an easy to follow template to enable you to write your funding plan, set your goals of money to raise and number of investors to work with to keep you on track

Pitching for funds made easy

a simple formula to show your credibility no matter if you are just starting out or very experienced, to pitch for funds

Joint Ventures structures made easy

I’ll take you through easy to follow  guidance on how to protect your JV position and ensure clear communication with your JV partners to ensure a great fun and profitable working relationship

Work with the best!

JV partners usually fit one of two profiles. With this powerful online training you can short cut your understanding easily fit them to matching projects and ensure great profitable working relationship

Get it Right!

JVs are not open to every investor and you could get into trouble if you work with people who are not qualified. We give you the templates including all communication templates for your JV partners so you will know exactly what to say and write to them, to assess each applying JV partner to make sure you have the right people working with you

How to Easily Find Investors

I’ll walk you through the steps you need to take to find your private funders

Your personal Joint Venture Goals

simple step by step setting your JV goals template so that you can make money from property with none of your one, no mortgages, loans or debt for you

Make your Investors come to you

I’ll help you understand the value you bring your JV partners, and why, even if you are inexperienced, they will be queuing up to work with you if you are able to communicate this value

Plus you’ll also get access to these great resources:
Join the Joint Venture Masterclass today and claim these bonuses worth £261!

Done-For-You Template Bundle:
Ready-to-Use Pre-Designed Templates including:

Instant Fundraising


No more procrastination! Here’s a proven action plan that lets you launch your Private Fundraising Strategy to attract quality investors willing to invest with you before you have even done a property deal! Worth £29


Joint Venture



Joint Ventures allow you to benefit from 50% of the profit without investing a penny of your own money!  Created by my legal team, tried and tested by running a ton of Joint Venture Projects… for every Joint Venture you plan to do, no need to worry what an agreement looks like Worth £29



‘Property Security’


Simple legal documents you need to ensure you do not get ripped off by your Joint Venture Partners, and enable you to smoothly benefit from the profit agreed and due to you. Here is a sample Restriction Document (RX1) Worth £29


Joint Venture


How to ensure you are working with great investors, who are qualified to work with you on your deals, Created by my JV team, tried and tested by running a ton of Joint Venture Projects… Worth £29


Private Investor

Professional Brochure


No need for expensive copywriters. This is the professional Fundraising Brochure I used to raise £600k and jump out of my day job. A template you can copy to set yourself apart from your competitors, professionalising your property business. Worth £29


‘Joint Venture’


Use our Joint Venture Flyer when networking – identify how Susannah used branding to create professionalism and trust! A simple calling card for you to attract easy to work with Joint Venture partners. Worth £29


Joint Venture


Joint Ventures are a fantastic way to create win-win situations for both you and your investors. To do it professionally, ensure you have the right paperwork for compliance and investor client management. Worth £29


JV Qualification


 Another essential Template! The exact email we send to our Joint Venture Partners to qualify them to do a Joint Venture with us. Download to make sure you are covered! Worth £29



‘High Net Worth’


It is important that you assess your investors and are able to identify those who are officially designated as High Net Worth. Worth £29


What can you make with

Joint Ventures? 

It is helpful to benchmark what you can achieve with others who have worked with this online Joint Venture Masterclass knowledge


Profit which was split 50/50!

Simon Yuen


Profit split 50/50

Pembroke Road


Profit Split 50/50

2 Southville Flats


Profit Split 50/50. Planning Gain with no refurb!

Chris Jones 


Gross Profit: Split 50/50

Alison Brooks


Profit: Split 50/50

Emily Choo & James Scott

How would you use

Cash you Generate

from Joint Ventures?

Use it to buy more property for Buy to Let,
for passive income, (my preferred spend)?

To give yourself or your family a treat?
Fancy car or holiday, anyone?!

To pay off your home mortgage?

Leave your J.O.B. (just over broke) and live
on the significant profit you can make?

What do folks have to say about our training?

"Today I went to Susanna's Deal Sourcing event. Completely worth the price. I got so much value you from this day and there was no upselling at all which is much better than other seminar events I've been to by other companies. Susanna takes a direct approach and tailors advice to the individual, theres no spoon feeding. The seminar is there to teach and educate so she makes you think and relate the advice to your own situation.
Would highly suggest to anyone looking for an approach to property in a smart methodical approach.
Thanks Susie!" - Theodore Ramwell

Theodore Ramwell


"Outstanding and very valuable content from the training. Susannah and the team created a relaxed and very focused training environment. I can't recommend this training highly enough

Chris Irving


After 3 whole months of daily conveyancing and almost loosing 35k we have finally completed on our two 25% bmv flats worth 360k. Bts/BRRR? The next 2 months will tell. Thanks for the knowledge Susannah Cole

Kal Musa


"Susannah and her crew were very helpful and always has time for you. I've been to a couple of workshops but I definitely felt at home with this one. The beginning of a beautiful friendship....oh & portfolio whoop whoop!!!

Nikey Sinclair


This lady knows her stuff and for me is completely a gem and I'm glad I found her wealth of knowledge

Lee J


I just bought one of your courses. It is very helpful and detailed and I just want to say thank you for your work.

Balazs Puskas


Me and my business partner Danny have the deal sourcing pack and have learnt more on Susannah's [low price] package than we did with a course we paid £4,000 for, I am thankful we found you.

Jordan Miller


"Have done two workshop/training days with TGPC and both times I have found them not only extremely informative but (somewhat of a rarity in the property world) a lot of fun! Really honest and open environment and the team could not be more hospitable."

David Cleary


"Thanks to Susannah Cole for 'persuading' me that this was a good idea.
** This is the one that smashed the street price by £60k **
Anyone in the Lancashire Area next Wednesday?! If you want to come along, message me and I'll give you the address details.

And sorry for short notice, but sale completes a week today "

Ann-Marie Littler


"Have done a one day workshop on property sourcing and a taster weekend for the mentoring programme and I have to say, this is by far the most clear, detailed, and practical property course I have ever been on. It was so good I am signing up for the 12 month mentorship! Nothing beats knowledge, experience and insight when it comes to property education and Susannah has loads of it! Looking forward to the next 12 months!"

Talisa Wallace


In the first year of mentoring with Susannah I bought two properties. In my second year of mentoring with Susannah I am really going to go full time into property. The online course gives me a real boost, the confidence and knowledge to buy property, pack up all the information and go with it.

Chenai Banda


I got the flipping property bundle 2 days ago. It is blowing my mind!!!

Cordelia Brown


As a direct result of the training, I have raised over £500,000 in private finance, and have learnt how to find property and create business relationships that are profitable. I have also done a fab Buy to Sell Project, £112k purchase price, £23,640 refurb, and sale price £170k, which was a great return on my money. I can’t recommend the training highly enough.

Josh Knecht


Hi there, My name’s Harry Jackson. I’m 21 and just started sourcing property deals to Investors having sold my first deal last week. This is just an appreciate email because you guys put out the best, most honest, practical content on the internet about property.If whoever reads this email can just let Susannah Cole know that’s she’s truly inspiring and I appreciate all the advice she has given to people. Thanks again and I hope you have a great day!

Harry Jackson


Excited to get watching the flipping bundle - the deal packaging course was really good so I have high hopes!!

Kirsty Bartholomew