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For Wealth!

A complete course on how to get and manage a constant stream of eager tenants, ready, willing and able to pay you rent.  Packed full of how to’s, templates and simple systems, saving you time and money. HMO (shared houses) can allow you to earn over £1,000 per month per property. How many do you need to be Financially Free? 


Fast Track

Training Portal

All the tools and resources you need PLUS ‘how to’ videos explaining each step clearly. You can watch and study these wherever and whenever you want, taking you through the whole Financial Freedom through Lettings in easy-to-follow stages.


Beginner Landlord Launch

Take the tools, processes and real life knowledge and create your property portfolio no longer worried about tenants

Tenant Management 101

Systems templates and processes to manage your tenants easily and efficiently enabling you to make more money or outsource this process and you make money hands off

Outsourcing, No Work!

Financial Freedom is passive income coming in with no work. By understanding the lettings process from start to finish no one can pull the wool over your eyes and you can outsource the whole process to a professional letting agent sit back and watch the money roll in

How to Furnish Your Properties

Knowing how to furnish to attract high paying tenants different types of properties such as single lets, HMOs,

Getting Paid Without Fail

Make sure your money rolls in, on time every time while you sleep

Best Property Advice I Ever Received

The best advice I ever received on money. Can’t wait to share it with you. Simplify your life beyond measure keeping your money on track and working hard for you

Get paid like Clockwork!

Assets paying bills this is financial freedom, not linked to your time and hours put in, I spend less than 2 hours a week on my multi million point property portfolio

Financial Freedom Goal Setting

Start by defining what Financial Freedom means for you so we can get you there

How to Find Great Tenants

Great tenants keep houses clean and tidy, pay on time, are lovely to work with and move out with no fuss handing you back your pristine property. Teaches you how to find the best tenants to make lettings a breeze

Plus you’ll also get access to these great resources:

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Done-For-You Template Bundle:
Ready-to-Use Pre-Designed Templates including:

Tenant Check-in 


This templated tenant check in system gives you a super simple approach to organise your inbound tenants, ready and eager to pay you rent, and makes the whole tenant check in process a breeze – means you can break down the letting administration you need to back up your income into manageable bite-sized chunks worth £29


Tenant Inspection


New landlords often underestimate how important inspections are to both the quality of your property and also to maintain the quality of tenants who pay you your rent. I’ll show you how to find the perfect inspection process to maximise property quality, rent paid AND profits worth £29


Tenant Late Payment


You’ll get easy-to-follow techniques to help identify your cheeky late payers and ensure your rent is paid on time every time!  worth £29


What can you


It is helpful to benchmark what you can achieve with others who have worked with this online How to be a Landlord Masterclass knowledge


Purchase Price £85k, Refurb £7.8k. RICS Value £130k

Brixton Road


HMO. Rental Income £3.3k per Month. Costs (inc Mortgage) £2.2k. £1.1k Per month Profit

Wells Road

£1.5k Monthly Profit

Rental income £2,976, Costs (mortgage, bills, repairs) £1,447 , Gross Monthly Profit £1,529

Cassel Road

How would you use

Cash you Generate

from Renting our Property with no Money left in?

Use it to buy more property for Buy to Let,
for passive income, (my preferred spend)?

To give yourself or your family a treat?
Fancy car or holiday, anyone?!

To pay off your home mortgage?

Leave your J.O.B. (just over broke) and live
on the significant profit you can make?

What do folks have to say about our training?

Utilising TGPC’s frameworks and processes has really helped us to professionalise our business and maximise our R.O.I.

Erica Hurley


"Fantastic night with wonderful Susannah Cole and Sarah Poynton-Ryan at Croydon Property Meet, full sold out event. Brilliant content, no question left unanswered both speakers going the extra mile to give attendees fantastic time" - Sel Fayyed

Sel Fayyed


I was reflecting today on how much you get for the price point. I was pleasantly surprised for sure, especially after seeing prices of some other people.

Kirsty Bartholomew


last week we were at PPN Knightsbridge as Susannah Cole was the main speaker and this was an unmissable opportunity to learn from one of the best in the industry. At one point I was there thinking "when I grow up, I want to be just like Susannah!"
What an inspiration, the amount of knowledge that was shared and Susannah's wise words and how work, persistence, mind and consistencey are key in achieving your property goals.


“Having investigated over 20 property "gurus" who offered coaching, I decided to join Susie's year long coaching programme.

The quality content of the course was delivered in a slick and polished format, and Susie's enthusiasm for property and people shined through. But the real test of a coaching programme is: was it worth it, and would I do it again?

The answers are: Yes and Yes.

I have no regrets attending Susie's coaching programme as it definitely accelerated my property journey with practical tips and advice, for example, how to raise private investment for property deals.

Best of all, the direct £ value of the programme, from deals done with other mentees in the room, was worth many times the cost. So in a way the course was free, which is good because that's my favourite price!

If you're looking for a coaching programme, and what Susie offers fits your needs, I'm happy to recommend it.”

Colin Mcnautly


I have purchased the Flipping & Deal Sourcing packs - what amazing content, excellent value, thank you for your work!

Ahmed Ben Ammar


The content is amazing in the courses. I have the deal packaging, flipping and beginners guide. There is so much content to go through so I'm just taking my time to make sure I get it right.

John Hope


I'm currently going through your Become a Deal PAckager Bundle, which is awesome - truly a lot of content

Mohamed Esa


Would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about property inside and out. Susannah has so much to give and the knowledge she has is priceless

Craig Darlinson


A fascinating and comprehensive curriculum with up to date content delivered in bite sized chunks.

Susannah herself is a very interested and morally driven professional who continues to build upon a wealth of experience by practicing what she preaches.

The workshops are lively and enjoyable with good relaxed staff, a variety of excellent guest speakers and a range of capable fellow mentees enabling an excellent and close knit networking circle.

James Scott


Since joining the TGPC course, I have developed my network and got the confidence to pursue my non-corporate dreams.

Karolina Adammczyk


"Susannah is a true professional. She is passionate about her job and loves helping others achieve their true potential."

Alex Caravello


"We've worked with Susannah now for nearly 2 years. She is great to work with and has a vast amount of knowledge in property. Highly recommended as a property investor and educator."

Mark Loyd


Just signed up - wow! A huge treasure trove of downloads, thank you!

Sudeep De


"I joined TGPC’s mentoring program in February and have found it invaluable. Not only is the content excellent and informative but Susie’s enthusiasm and energy is infectious and her success inspiring. Her continued encouragement to dig deeper and push deals further has had a particularly big impact on me.

The last but possibly most valuable part of the program are the other mentees. The calibre of people in the class is high, each with their own expertise and skill set. Being able to draw on their knowledge and support is incredibly useful. Susie and the mentees make for such a strong and rich network to have at your fingertips. Obviously it’s great to call them friends too!"

Sara Nasralla