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The Good Property Company’s
How to Flip Property and make your first £100k

The Flipping Property Programme

is a deep dive online video and podcast based training programme that teaches smart flipping strategies to investors who want to make a six figure income annually, through buying and selling property.

Whether you are brand new to property or experienced and ready to grow, TGPC’s Flipping Property Programme will give you the tools, strategies and processes you need.

Flipping Property is a business model with an industry standard profit of 20% markup. So if you were selling a house at £300k, your gross profit would be £50k.

How many of them do you want to target per year?

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How much profit do you want to target per year?

I have this course, it's helped me so much worth every penny, [flipping property programme]

Jacquie Claxton


I got the flipping property bundle 2 days ago. It is blowing my mind!!!

Cordelia Brown


How does the Flipping Property Programme work?

The Flipping Property Programme trainings are released immediately upon enrollment, with easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates, swipe files, resource lists, and downloadable learn-on-the-move podcasts. All of the training is online inside your own private Bundle Member library.

Where does the programme take place?

Everything is Online: No Travel Required. The entire programme is based online so you can participate from home or work. All course materials are easily accessed within our online portal for you, through laptop, mobile or tablet.

Work at your own pace

You can go through the materials immediately upon release, or slow things down and work at your own pace.

Yours for life

Plus, you have the bundle for life. You can retake the Flipping Property Programme for free as often as you like, as long as the programme exists.

Is the Flipping Property Programme right for me?

If you’ve been thinking about starting a flipping strategy for a while but held back because you didn’t know quite how to get started, TGPC’s Flipping Property Programme is for you. In the Flipping Property Programme I break down the how of each step so you can take it to the next level. You have to do some work but I promise – you can flip property successfully, just follow the process and systems shared with you in this training.

Our ideal bundle members fall into one of these three categories.

Action orientated ambitious beginners

Is your dream to flip for a six figure income, create wow factor home design and earn money through properties? Whether you are starting out while still in a job, focussing part time in property, or going all in and devoting your all, the Flipping Property Programme will make sure you get started the right way.

Established Small Portfolio Property Investors

Attention Buy to Let property owners! Cash flow tight? If you are ready to deepen your cash pot, flip more deals and exponentially increase your income, The Flipping Property Programme will teach you everything you need to Flip properties – even if you are not yet full time.

Successful property investors who want more cash in your business

Already running a (mostly) successful business? Ready to take things to the next level? TGPC’s Flipping Property Programme will bridge the gap. These trainings will teach timeless flipping techniques so you can grow your business, cash flow and revenue and worth.

They did it… So can you
Here are some of our outstanding success stories.

Make £78,300
from a Buy to Sell Project
Ann-Marie Littler

Gross Profit £134k
from one flip. Split 50/50 with the Joint Venture Partner.
Simon Yuen

£140k Profit
2 Flips in 1 year
Jethro East

£103k Profit
1 Flip
Arthur Dallimer

£135k Profit
Anthony Davies

£100k Profit
Planning Gain flip
Chris Jones

What do folks say about our
Flipping Property Programme Training?

The content is amazing in the courses. I have the deal packaging, flipping and beginners guide. There is so much content to go through so I'm just taking my time to make sure I get it right.

John Hope


I already bought the flipping course yay flipping marvellous.

Sabina D'Costa


Thanks so much Susannah, really enjoying your flipping course.

Sofi Bichanga




I am a complete beginner and new to property. Coming from a place of no knowledge these bundles are SO helpful. They are packed full of information and really easy to access and follow. There is no sugar coating that property takes a lot of hard work, persistence and consistency in order to succeed. (I like this as so many people don’t tell you this and try and make it sound like it is easy and quick). Basically the courses illustrate if you’re willing to keep going, work hard and not be scared to fail and learn, then you can succeed. The courses have helped me feel less afraid in terms of where to start and all the information on systems, documents, templates and how to organise your business are extremely beneficial. I am thoroughly enjoying the courses and would recommend!

Rose Hograth

Watch our videos

Who teaches the Flipping Property Programme?

Hi, I’m Susannah Cole and I help beginner and experienced property investors with the goal to hit a six figure sum and financial freedom with a flipping, deal packaging or property investment strategy.

I’ve run a successful flipping strategy, at one point doing 30 flips at the same time. By being professional, in the first 42 flips we delivered, sales were over £402k more than projected!

I’ve been investing in property since 2009, beginning with sourcing over 200 properties at an agreed purchase price of £30 million and an end value of £45 million in less than 5 years, I raised £££million in private finance and now own a multi million pound property portfolio.

I’m convinced: property is one of the best ways to hit a six figure income and financial freedom, ensuring security for your family. My property business has enabled me to work part time, travel the world, own a beach apartment in Barcelona and have financial security for the rest of my life.

Through the course of creating, launching and building my property business, I’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t, how to run a flipping strategy, which successes can and can’t be replicated. I’ve helped thousands of new and experienced property investors get up and running with their own property business through my online education.

Time for you to become the next success.

When does the Flipping Property Programme start?

Right now!

Enroll now to learn the system to find your profitable deals, get the right funding for your unique situation and create wow factor properties your buyers will love to pay you for, fast!

You’ll learn the strategies you need to flip property, find and manage A list builders and outwit the competition. You have full lifetime access to the entire course the moment you enroll.

This is your time.

Let’s make earning high cash income from Flipping Property a skill you master!

What is the investment?

The investment for the Flipping Property Programme is £395.

The total value of the bundle, if you bought it from my website individually is £2,961

Enjoy saving £2,566

Please enroll me on the course, to give me full and instant access to the following:

Huge Free Bonus Bundle

In addition to the Flipping Property Masterclass’s 11 core learning modules and 4 inbuilt Bonuses, you’ll also get a comprehensive library of masterclasses and advanced trainings to develop your skills to grow a property business for a six figure income and financial freedom.

Flipping Property Masterclass

Worth £1,950


Flipping Property Workshop

Worth £750


Flipping Property Pack

Worth £29


3 Important Property Checklists


Property Viewing Recorder

Worth £29


Buy to Sell Calculator

Worth £29


CDM Process Bundle

Worth £174


Deal Conveyancing Process

Worth £29


Your investment:
Total value

How to get started

Let’s make flipping property a skill you master

This is your time.