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Deal Sourcing

Online Workshop!

 A complete online course. You don’t need any property or sourcing experience to deliver profitable deals. I’ll show you the quick and simple steps to discounted deals. You’ll get easy-to-follow techniques to help identify and land your profitable deals, find your unique sourcing property strategy and carve out your own successful niche to easily make six figures sourcing property! 


Fast Track

Training Portal

All the tools and resources you need PLUS ‘how to’ videos explaining each step clearly. You can watch and study these wherever and whenever you want, taking you through the whole Deal Sourcing Workshop in easy-to-follow stages.


Deals Land Fast

How to get to the top of the list with all your favourite agents so they come to you with deals so you can make six figure profit!

Little Known Auctions Secrets

How you can swipe a deal from under a competitor’s nose buying even before the auction starts – great tips!

Get Deals others never discover

Going direct to vendors you get deals never on the market. 

Real Life Money Making Case Studies

One of the simplest ways to develop your skills in property: making property deal figures easy to understand. I’ll walk you through the figures! 

4 Simple Routes to Discounted Deals

This deal sourcing formula gives you a super simple approach to sourcing from Estate Agents, Auctions, Direct to Vendor and Direct to House. It means you can break down deal sourcing into manageable bite-sized chunks!

Deal Sourcing Confidence Booster

The course builds confidence, using the handouts of preparation, viewings and estate agent relationship management, to keep you on track and build your confidence as you develop your skills

Outwit the Competition

Tips and tricks to become the Estate Agent’s favourite property investor, beating all competitors, so that the deal comes to you!

9 Stages of Deal Sourcing

By understanding each stage, deal sourcing becomes a breeze

Super Productivity Deal Sourcing Templates & Systems

These will make sure you keep motivated, on track and start finding profitable property deals fast, I’ll give you in-depth videos, swipes and templates that you can use to source discounted deals now

Deal Analysis & Reporting 101

You don’t need any property experience to analyse your discounted deals successfully.  I’ll show you easy (and simple) methods to crunch the numbers – START TODAY!

Plus you’ll also get access to these great resources:
Join the Deal Sourcing Workshop now and receive these superb bonuses:

Done-For-You Template Bundle:
Ready-to-Use Pre-Designed Templates including:

Agency Marketing


Fast track your credibility with investors! No need for expensive copy writers, and worries over how to present yourself to your investors. Worth £49!


Deal Packaging


Tried and tested Deal Sourcer and Packaging Agreement, created by my legal team. Use it to protect you as you make fast five figure sums packaging property onto investors within a matter of weeks. Worth £29!


Estate Agent


Simple, easy to follow tracker to ensure your Estate Agents supply you with the profit making deals. One missed call may be one missed deal earning you £thousands, you don’t want to lose out! Worth £29!


Sourcing Offer


This templated sourcing system gives you a super simple approach to organise your deal sourcing, recording your viewings and offers and makes the whole process a breeze – means you can break down finding discounted property into manageable bite-sized chunks. Worth £29!


Direct to Vendor



Find discounted property deals fast. Covering what your vendors need to know, ready to populate with your own details and outsource to local distributors, you can sit back and watch the discounted property deals roll in! Worth £29!


Property Viewing


Simple easy to follow property viewing template, allowing you to easily break down the refurbishment needed and the physical condition of the discounted property even if you are inexperienced in renovating property. You’ll find property viewings a breeze with this template on your side! Worth £29


What can you


Buy a Property Empire and pull all your money back out, make huge Flipping profit or package onto investors for high figure fees paid within weeks! 

If you have the deal you have the cookie!

It is helpful to benchmark what you can achieve with others who have used the processes and systems in this Deal Packaging Workshop.


Equity Wealth!

Purchase Price £203k. Refurb £32k Revaluation £275k 

Emily Choo


Monthly Rental Profit (BRR). Purchase Price: £85k. Refurb: £7.8k. End Value (RICS): £130k

Brixton Road

GDV £2.2m

£400k Purchase Price. Commercial to Residential

Arthur Dallimer

£21k Net Profit 

Bought for £410k. Refurb: £49k. End Value: £525k

Simon Yuen

£2.5m Portfolio

£200k Rent Roll

Colin McNulty

£11k Sourcing Fee

Deal Packaging Fee 

Purchase price £220k,
renovation £32,405,
Sold £312,101

Gatton Road

How would you live if you were

Financially Free?

Use it to buy more property for Buy to Let,
for passive income, (my preferred spend)?

To give yourself or your family a treat?
Fancy car or holiday, anyone?!

To pay off your home mortgage?

Leave your J.O.B. (just over broke) and live
on the significant profit you can make?

What do folks have to say about our training?

"Susannah has been fantastic, it is good to see the warts and all, a deep and transparent delve in to how the business is run and how you are successful with joint ventures and personal property. "

Alex Venables


This lady knows her stuff and for me is completely a gem and I'm glad I found her wealth of knowledge

Lee J


"Great Energy, practical, to the point, honest, supportive, caring. Highly recommended, without reservation when you're ready to take action!"

Elisabeth Missland


Hi Susannah, wanted to reach out and say a big thank you for your online masterclasses through TGPC. Its nice to hear from another Scot who's down south! From your content I have sourced £56k private investor money through two close friends by just asking and having the knowledge. Buying 3 Auctions properties and will hopefully be able to reuse their funds three times over the next year before I need to pay back! Cheers Euen.

Euen Donaldson


“Having investigated over 20 property "gurus" who offered coaching, I decided to join Susie's year long coaching programme.

The quality content of the course was delivered in a slick and polished format, and Susie's enthusiasm for property and people shined through. But the real test of a coaching programme is: was it worth it, and would I do it again?

The answers are: Yes and Yes.

I have no regrets attending Susie's coaching programme as it definitely accelerated my property journey with practical tips and advice, for example, how to raise private investment for property deals.

Best of all, the direct £ value of the programme, from deals done with other mentees in the room, was worth many times the cost. So in a way the course was free, which is good because that's my favourite price!

If you're looking for a coaching programme, and what Susie offers fits your needs, I'm happy to recommend it.”

Colin Mcnautly


"Have done two workshop/training days with TGPC and both times I have found them not only extremely informative but (somewhat of a rarity in the property world) a lot of fun! Really honest and open environment and the team could not be more hospitable."

David Cleary


As a novice investor, I thoroughly enjoyed my two years mentoring with Susannah and I learned a huge amount from her, which I'm very grateful for. I'm now able to support myself financially through property, and this is very much down to Susie's vast knowledge of developing and investing, which is second to none. Her communication style is excellent – she puts things across in a very clear and accessible way, and her enthusiasm for property is utterly infectious. She's also very encouraging and generous, you can see she really gets a buzz out of helping people succeed. Unlike some mentors, Susie is keen to share the potential pitfalls in property and gives you a good idea of what kinds of mistakes to avoid. If you're looking for high-quality property education, I'd really recommend you check out her company, and I'd particularly recommend Susie's YouTube channel – it's basically a huge educational resource which I still watch and learn from regularly!

Jason Loborik


"Had an excellent workshop with Susannah, very clear presentation, good course content. Recommend it to anyone wanting to perfect their flipping strategy." - Chris Philips

Chris Philips


"Susannah is a great mentor and motivator. Highly recommeneded!"

Dorothy Atkins


I've worked with Susannah on building my property business and coaching business and loved the straight forward detail and quality of the information she shared. Even after 10 years in property I still know there is always the next level you can go to and Susannah is one of those property people at the next level.

Carl Hutchings


I just bought one of your courses. It is very helpful and detailed and I just want to say thank you for your work.

Balazs Puskas


“Susannah’s mentoring programme is breathe of fresh air. Her choice to focus on quality in all aspects of the mentoring programme including content and how its delivered coupled with a passion for property and helping people achieve their goals is inspiring. Getting out on site to see active projects brings to life what is taught in the classroom. It’s a really privilege to work with Susannah and would encourage other property entrepreneurs to experience it first hand at one of their workshops.”

Nathan Mcintosh


In the five years before joining the TGPC mentoring course, I bought one property. In the year that I have been in the course, I have offered on five and bought one, while still running a full time employment.

Courtney Lawrence


Since joining Property Entrepreneur Mentoring Group I’ve gained a large amount of knowledge, met other great people and I’ve been able to increase my own portfolio by £250,000, while raising another £250,000 for other projects.

Highly recommended.

Rohit Santa


And I wanted to thank you for putting this program which benefited me like a glove. A year on and I moved from thinking of wanting to be a property investor from my home in Spain to moving to Liverpool and buying my first BTS property at auction, refurbing it and pulling all my money out , Raising private finance and now just about to complete the purchase of 2 more properties I sourced from an estate agent. Your support and advice along the way was amazing, Thank you

Eiran Samuels