Family Safety

Her driver was family security rather than (flash) cash, and so for the first 18 months in property she did a full time job, initially took £60k out of her own home mortgage, then raised £600k in Private Finance in order to buy her initial (now dinky in hindsight but it seemed to unattainable at the time!) £1.8 million portfolio in Bristol, which then allowed her to jump out of her J.O.B. and work full time in property.

She has since bought millions of pounds of property that she holds and raised millions in Private Finance and Joint Venture funding, and done a ton of Flips, at one point running 30 projects at the same time. (yup, it was a little full on!)

She is now financially free with a major successful property portfolio.

Head of Household

Susannah was Head of Household (a happier name for single parent) looking after 2 boisterous and loving children, and working in a full time J.O.B. (just over broke) and knew she needed to make a real difference in her life and in the lives of her children, as being Mum meant there was only a Plan A, no Plan B for her family, which felt insecure.

Susannah’s background

Her background is entrepreneurial & professional:

  • She started a Fair-Trade business when she was 23, which developed into a chain of retail shops in Scotland, running it for 7 years
  • She then worked full time advising international cashmere companies at Board level in the Scottish Borders, which meant driving Japanese and Korean marketing strategies, and most importantly understanding how companies work, where they succeed and what can lead to failure.
  • On top of loving having a family, and ensuring Sunday was for family roast dinners, did an MBA in the evenings, graduating with a 1st, doing her project for a United Nations subsidiary in Uganda for micro businesses.
  • She was part of the founding team of a Scottish wide youth volunteering charity which clocked up 1,000,000 volunteering hours in the first 18 months from start up.
  • Then she came south from Scotland with her family to Bristol, and ran KISS the dance music radio station, which was a blast. Though on her first day in the London headquarters she did not recognise Rihanna at the station, d’oh! Not the coolest person to run the Bristol KISS radio station! (this kept me awake with embarrassment for weeks!)
  • Her final job (ever!) was as Marketing Director for the SS Great Britain, a wonderful Bristol museum and institution, and a pleasure to serve this city icon.

Love Property

We at The Good Property Company love property.

We love the creativity, the ability to turn a wreck into a home, the financial security coming from owning assets that pay bills, and the life changing aspect that owning a large property portfolio brings.

We think done well, knowing the risks, understanding the initial hard work you need, property is life changing. It was for Susannah and it absolutely could be for you too. You just need to get into it, get the knowledge you need, put in the work. There are no secrets to property success. Systems, processes, relationships, skills, scalability and initial hard work!

How can we help you?

Oh, my goodness in a ton of ways.

Property is basically a business system, done right, it works. Financial Freedom.

But you do need to know how to do each strategy, in depth, with knowledge and real business processes.

This website gives you the tools to enable you to start, improve, become even more effective as a property developer.

Have a good rummage around the website and download the templates, online masterclasses or 60-day Academy Programme or Online Property Programmes that will solve your query or fix your need.

Want to hear it direct from Susannah?

In which case, kettle on, popcorn ready, and either pop over to the FREE Webinar page to join one right now on flipping, deal sourcing or property investing, enjoy our Youtube channel (with over 1 million views and counting) or have a good listen to Susannah guesting on podcasts here.

Kitchen Table Start Up

Susannah started buying investment property in 2009 with little of her own money, and started The Good Property Company in 2011, as a kitchen table start up. A phone, a kettle, a laptop on the kitchen table and the radio!

In that time, she and her team have sourced, bought, sold or let out more than 200 properties, with a value of £45 million, and an agreed purchase price of £30 million (before refurb).

Her property work saw her running a deal packaging business for 5 years, selling discounted deals to investors, at a run rate of around 50 deals a year, to generate the cash to buy her substantial property portfolio, and buying, renovating and flipping a ton of properties.

Not bad for a kitchen table start-up!

Susannah was always her biggest buyer, and grew to owning a large property portfolio, of HMOs, single lets, blocks of flats, student houses, all high quality, in a tight geographical location (all 17 mins max from her office and home, and some within a minute of each other).

She has built houses, split houses to flats, split land with planning and, on the way up, been skint and been very affluent cash wise (sometimes in the same month! This is property after all, and property can be a minx. You have to have a sense of humour at times! And grit)

On the tight geography, she made two exceptions to her property portfolio rules; the flat she bought in Glasgow for her son’s student days, and now a beach 1920s apartment in Barcelona, both bought for joy and family.

Financially Free

She is now financially free.

She has moved from the start up entrepreneur gig of hard work, long hours, watching the cash flow tightly, checking the bank account before getting out of bed (you know the feeling!) to now working in property 183 days a year and enjoying 182 days a year dedicated to time with family, friends and travel.

The world is a big place and people we love are so important, aren’t they!

It is amazing how short a time property allows you to be become financially free, if you buy the right assets, and manage your property business well.

Property Education

We started over 10 years ago. Susannah was asked to speak at a couple of property events due to her success. She found she loved sharing property knowledge, especially as she measured everything.

Property is a system, if correctly applied, that brings results to people, no matter their background. She became an in-demand speaker and guest for events and podcasts, selling out live events regularly.

Then Wendy asked Susannah to teach her (Susannah’s response was to look over her shoulder to see who Wendy was speaking to, a classic, ‘oh, you mean me?’ reaction). Again, she loved it. Loved taking her systems and giving them to her mentees and delegates. Loved seeing their success, their life changing results. Loved working with great people, full of buzz, energy and decency.

She always kept her education business bespoke, high quality, detailed and real.

Online Property Education

High quality bespoke education meant that people got results, but the knowledge was not scalable and available to all. She since worked super hard to create very high-quality online manuals, templates, online masterclasses, with 60-day Academy Programmes and Online Property Programmes to enable folks to change their lives through property.

All by sharing the high quality, detailed, easy to implement knowledge, templates, systems, processes and skills she gained during her continued time in property.

That’s really why this website exists, to share that life changing knowledge with you.

I hope you take great advantage of the resources we offer, and become financially free, changing your life.

Afterall, we only have one life, it is time to live it!


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I’m sharing everything I learnt on my journey to sourcing over £45 million of investment properties for an agreed purchase price of £30 million

I’m learning a lot and so will you

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I’m sharing everything I learnt on my journey to sourcing over £45 million of investment properties for an agreed purchase price of £30 million

I’m learning a lot and so will you